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You Can Be 100% Solar Too

Across California there is a growing number of prominent cities joining together to set real goals of both saving money and making a positive impact on Climate Change. Here, in our neck of the woods (of California) Encinitas is yet another city charting a bold path...

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Top-10 Solar Powered Cities In America

Congratulations to San Diego and Los Angeles! The west coast is leading the country (again!) in solar power along with the 10-top solar-power-generating cities in the USA. The United States now has enough electricity generated from solar PV to power 10.1 million...

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Solar Batteries Qualify For 30% Tax Credit

IRS Sets A New Milestone for Solar-Plus-Storage The Internal Revenue Service just served up a positive signal that adding Solar Storage Batteries to your existing solar will qualify you for the 30% Federal ITC (Tax Credit.)       Battery Prices have Fallen 75% Since...

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Solar Tax Benefits Get Even Better

2018 may have gotten off to a bumpy start in some ways, but savings with solar has never been higher! Trump's 2018 Budget did two things that make the great advantages of solar even better. Trump KEEPS the 30% ITC (Investment Tax Credit) that home and business owners...

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Batteries Will Save Your Profits

  Do you know what utility rate demand charges are costing your business? Would you be surprised to know you are paying over $15 per kWh of electricity during your peak business cycle? Many of our commercial clients don't realize just how much money they lose in...

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Zero Money Down Solar for Non-Profits

  After over 10 years of Solar Financing experience we have finally found a unique financing product specifically designed for non-profits and charitable missions.  We already know that solar PV will dramatically lower utility costs, but that was not enough for a...

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A Boost for Solar on Low Income Apartments

Great news for owners and tenants of low-income apartment buildings!  California has approved a new initiative to bring utility cost relief for those who need it the most. A 1 billion dollar, 10-year program! The Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) program...

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You Can’t Stop Solar With Tariffs

  Remember the sci-fi-action-thriller from 2004: The Day After Tomorrow? For the last several months the solar industry has been the brunt of doom & gloom in the news industry, spinning a wild fantastic story: What will the world look like after Trumps Solar Tariffs?...

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How To Claim Your Solar Tax Credit

Congratulations! You finally got solar on your home and now is the moment you have been waiting for. . . getting your 30% Investment Tax Credit (Solar ITC.) If you have NOT added solar to your home or business yet, this is a great way to understand the simple process...

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Solar Loves Snow and Winter!

  Remember snow? Even here in the far reaches of sunny Southern California snow is much more than a distant memory. We are lucky enough to be able to drive from the beach sunshine in the middle of winter and end up standing in snow about 3 hours later in the Sierra’s....

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