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Solar for a New Generation of Business

The House of Trestles, an iconic Bed & Breakfast & Surf Hostel steeped in San Clemente surf culture, has a new source of power today: a rooftop solar system installed by Revsolar. “A new generation of business and property owners are taking advantage of solar...

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Operation HOPE Starts Saving with Solar

Operation Hope is a Vista, California shelter specifically serving families, and women with children. They provide food, housing, and intensive support services to help get families in crisis back on their feet. In September 2017, Revsolar completed the installation...

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MACRS Tax Depreciation for Solar – Don’t Wait!

Solar can save your business thousands of dollars every month – but the savings goes further than just the cost at the utility meter. You are probably already familiar with The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This 30% tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in...

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The High Cost of Cheap Coal (and Nuclear)

  Ever buy a piece of furniture from a discount store? You always find out why the original cost was so cheap. . .in a few years. Welcome to North and South Carolina, the Duke Energy discount coal and nuclear warehouse. Duke proposed the Lee Nuclear Power Station...

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California Electricity rates up 80% by end of 2017

Yes - You did hear that correctly. Rates in California are headed up in a BIG way - and even higher rates are expected for commercial business and large residential users. State power regulators decided today how to divvy up the biggest electric rate hike in...

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Solar Carports – Growing The Shade of Saving

There's another environment full of asphalt and steel where solar panels can make a huge impact today: solar freakin’ carports. See the U.S. Solar Carport Market, 2010-2018 Consistent market growth While the U.S. non-residential market stagnated in 2014 after having...

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MARCS – Depreciating Solar to Save More

Depreciation of Solar Energy Property in MACRS - Solar Tax Savings Businesses rely on policy certainty to make long-term investment decisions. SEIA supports smart tax policy that drives continued innovation in the solar industry. Depreciation is one aspect of the tax...

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2016 Year In Solar Review

As we move into 2017, let's take a look back on 2016. This was a truly bipolar year for the U.S. solar industry, full of dizzying heights and crushing lows. This year more than any before it calls for the metaphor of the “solar coaster”. 2016 was clearly boom time for...

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30% Solar Investment Tax Credit: Get it while it’s Hot!

The 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit will be gone by 2020 - Don't wait and loose thousands of dollars! The future for commercial solar will be WITHOUT Federal tax credits sooner than you expect. Taking advantage of a 30% tax credit now makes a wise and powerful investment...

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