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Residential Solar is The Future of Security & Savings in Your Home


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Residential Solar Panels Installed

Energy Security & Saving

Starts in Your Home

Safe, secure, and reliable: We specialize in quality solar rooftops and ground mount systems that maximize your savings.
Solar is your front-line of defense against rising energy costs, and Energy Storage can back you up for total control of your energy.
We are passionate supporters of renewable energy and we stand behind our product, and our experienced sales team.
Our competitive pricing never sacrifices workmanship! From engineers to installers, we choose the best available in the industry.
Your home and family deserve the best and we deliver exactly that.

2017 Residential Utility Rates Are Scheduled To Increase!

Utility rates are scheduled to increase by 10.6% starting by June 1st for all Southern California

High Energy Users BEWARE: Larger homes and usage over 1,200 kw per month

are now designated as SUPER-USERS and will see an 88% rate increase.

Protect your Family, your Home, and your Finances for years to come with solar + energy storage

The Beauty of Solar

Your Home Deserves The Best

The solar PV on your rooftop is a long-term investment. We can help you get the highest quality solar available to fit your energy needs.

Savings Beyond Financial

Saving Money is Easy

Our prosperity is a product of the fantastic climate we love year-round. Let’s keep our skies and waterways clean for future generations.

Quality + Customer Service

Your Needs Come First

We are at your service from initial design to final inspection, and the final utility interconnection. We are here to keep the process simple.

The World of Home Solar Financing has Improved!

We offer zero down purchase programs, zero down solar leases,

and zero down power purchase agreements


Every homeowner can enjoy the benefits of Solar Energy Security

We are here to help you plug in to solar and

start saving money on your home energy needs

Financing Your Home Solar

Revsolar Makes it Easier than Ever!

Financing has become easier than ever for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. From rooftop solar, to electric car charging, to energy storage for keeping the lights on when the grid goes dark: PACE or YGRENE can help you finance.

You can apply online with San Diego Metro Credit Union here

Check if you are approved for a solar loan with YGRENE here.


Financing can be tricky! Just call us at 760.637.4343

Our Simple Residential Solar Installation Process

Evaluate Your Energy and Financing Needs

Assess your options

Our dedicated Energy Advisers will evaluate your energy needs and design a solar PV system that fits. Our solar proposals clearly identify your savings, the system cost, and your roof configuration. We take care of all the details and keep you informed during the entire process. We can assist with financing options and put you in touch with the best professionals in the field.

Design, Permitting & Installation

Installing your energy saving system

Permitting processes can be complex but our experienced project managers and installers have a long history of success. Generally the installation process only takes a few days and maintaining your roof’s integrity is our primary goal. We stand behind our suppliers and installers warranties, and guarantee our workmanship with an added level of project management to eliminate problems before they occur.

Final Commissioning & Follow Up Service

Start saving and enjoying the added security

You will start saving immediately and you’ll see it on your first electricity bill. Generally Solar PV systems require very little maintenance and we stand behind our service and workmanship! Our relationship doesn’t end after the solar is turned on. We are happy to assist with after the sale questions, support, and advice. Solar can deliver a lifetime of energy savings and we are your lifetime partner!

Start Reducing Your Home Energy Cost!

Need to Power an Electric Vehicle? We Can Help


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