Operation HOPE Solar Rooftop

Operation HOPE Solar Rooftop



 Project Description: Non-Profit Multi-Family Shelter

Location: Vista – California, San Diego

Solar Power: Est. kWh Solar Rooftop





Construction Time: 30 days


Operation HOPE – Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement.

Thank you Operation HOPE for providing a safe environment for homeless families with children and single women to help support rebuilding lives and regaining HOPE. The mission of Operation HOPE is stronger with solar as every dollar saved on utility costs is a dollar that can be used to further advance their community goals!

Our mission is to power yours!

Operation Hope provides bridge housing, designed to get families immediately into a safe location and stabilize them and help find permanent housing. It also provides six beds for homeless single women. And although it is in Vista, its clientele are from throughout all of North County. Roughly half the people who sleep at the facility on any given night are children, including five infants this past winter and seven the year before. Many are school-age.

The average stay for a family is in the neighborhood of 60 days. Last winter, the group served 30 families, and were eventually able to place 17 of them into permanent housing. Switching to year-round meant giving people more than a roof. It was a chance to help them achieve self-reliance. The Operation HOPE organization offers a licensed clinical social worker, and just this month is adding four interns who are earning master’s degrees in social work.

Clients at the shelter used to get one, maybe two hours a week with a case manager. Now, it’s closer to eight to 10 hours. That means a fuller, deeper assessment of the clients, including educational level, parenting and financial skills, even the ability to hold a job. It also means they get more help.

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