House of Trestles Solar Rooftop

House of Trestles Solar Rooftop



 Project Description: Bed & Breakfast Surf Hostel and Gallery

Location: San Clemente, California

Solar Power: Est. kWh Solar Rooftop





Construction Time: 30 days


The House of Trestles, an iconic Bed & Breakfast & Surf Hostel steeped in San Clemente surf culture, has a new source of power today: a rooftop solar system installed by Revsolar.

“A new generation of business and property owners are taking advantage of solar because they understand we can offer a better value than the utilities. Plus there are more solar financing options available today than ever before,” said Brett Jarman, CEO of Revsolar. “We are proud to support new businesses and it’s even better when they are right here in our town of San Clemente.”



House of Trestles features five guest rooms, which house 20 beds, all with themes paying homage to area surf companies, including Lost Surfboards, Catch Surf, Rainbow Sandals, Vissla and Rip Curl, with each brand contributing to the rooms’ decor and artwork.

“It feels like more of a home than anything else, that’s what we wanted, a place for people to come, decompress and have a healthy environment,” said Joshua Host, House of Trestles founder. “We really focus on creating an experience for guests with a collaboration of team rooms,” he said. “To allow them to have a deeper connection and understanding of the San Clemente surf culture.”



Host, a board member for the San Clemente Historical Society, has an MBA from Pepperdine University and has spent the past decade as a real estate developer working on projects like the Urban Village in Long Beach. He calls himself an “experiential space creator” who focuses on the concept of “live-work-play” to get people out of their cars to have a walk-able lifestyle.

Solar power offers savings for businesses that include not only a lower monthly utility bill, but also protection from future utility rate hikes, and a 30% federal tax credit for going solar. Additionally, the use of MACRS (The Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System) tax depreciation can deliver another 30% of tax benefits – greatly reducing the overall installation cost.