Calvary Chapel Vista

Calvary Chapel Vista



 Project Description: High Precision Metal Fabrication and Manufacturing

Location: Cerritos, California

Solar Power: Est. 196 kW Solar Rooftop



Modules: Sunpower

Inverter: SMA America

Construction Time: 14 days



Calvary Vista began as Tri-City Calvary Chapel in 1980, founded by Pastor Chuck Eason. In 1982, Pastor Chuck felt the call to return to the mission field. Pastor Brian Brodersen, from Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, took over the role as lead pastor of the small congregation of about 50 people. In 1984 the name of the church was changed to Calvary Chapel of Vista. Under Pastor Brian’s leadership, the church grew and in 1987 moved from the little Chapel on Hacienda Drive to the current facility at 885 E. Vista Way.

In 1989, Brian and a small team ventured out to Eastern Europe to “see what the Lord might want to do.” That trip resulted in the first two church plants from Calvary Vista, one in Vajta, Hungary and the other in Suboticia, Yugosalvia. Under Pastor Brian’s leadership the church continued to grow and to plant churches around the United States and the world.



In 1996, Pastor Brian and his family felt the call to go themselves and plant a new Calvary Chapel in London, England. It was then that the leadership team felt led to invite Pastor Rob Salvato and his family back to Vista and for Rob to take over the position of lead pastor. Pastor Rob had been a youth pastor serving under Brian at Calvary Vista from 1985 -1991, before being sent out by the church to plant a new Calvary Chapel in Oregon. Pastor Rob accepted the role of lead pastor in August of 1996.

Calvary Vista continues to be a spiritual influence in the area of North County San Diego and to plant churches around the United States and the world. To date, 31 churches have been planted out of Calvary Vista in 10 different states and eight different countries of the world. Calvary Vista is known for its casual “laid back” atmosphere, heartfelt worship, brotherly love, and clear exposition of the Word.

As a church family, we look forward to what God has purposed for our future and always give thanks for the things He has done in the past. To God be the glory.



Commercial business benefits the most from solar savings – especially metal manufacturing. Cold forging involves the use of highly sophisticated computer-controlled machines that forge metal parts from round wire feedstock using exceptionally high pressure. The results are a very precise end-product (tolerances of 0.0005 inches), virtually no raw material wasted, and high-volume production capability. Up to 300 parts can be produced in one minute!

Solar power offers savings for businesses that include not only a lower monthly utility bills by thousands, but also protection from future utility rate hikes, and a 30% federal tax credit for going solar. Additionally, the use of MACRS (The Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System) tax depreciation can deliver another 30% of tax benefits – greatly reducing the overall system cost.