How would you handle living without grid-electricity for 8 days?

My parents went 8 days without any grid-power in the aftermath of hurricane Irma, September of 2017. They live on the east coast of Florida, a bit south of Cape Canaveral. In the days following Hurricane Irma they lost all grid-power, as was expected. What they didn’t expect was 8 days without the grid.

Irma was a long way in approach, and my folks has a week to prepare for the landfall. They stored up water, canned food, batteries, gas, and boarded up the house. The storm was expected to make landfall on the west coast of Florida, over 350 miles away from my parents’ community on the east. They expected some wind damage and flooding from rain. At worst they anticipated 3 days without grid-electricity.



The reality and wildcard turned out to be aging infrastructure. Entire streets of wooden power-poles came down with the lines. In some cases the poles that were in poor condition and should have been replaced years ago. In the end, 16 million people lost power for 1 to 3 days, and 3.5 million lost power for over 5 days.



My parents did manage through all 8 days without the grid. It was tough without air conditioning, energy at night was limited, cooking was on a propane BBQ. My well-traveled parents were fortunate to have a Honda gas generator to power batteries in their RV, and could keep their refrigerator and food secure. They had to create new routines for everything based on energy use, spent a lot of nights playing cards, and weathered the 8 days of calm-after-the-storm in great shape.

The entire event my parents went through left me thinking: how long would I manage without grid-energy?



For most people, going one-day without grid-electricity is a hassle and your refrigerated food will take an immediate hit. After a full day, you also hit the limit of your battery ability to run a computer, wifi, or keep a phone charged, unless you have back-up energy generation like solar, or a gas generator. Storage is great but what is going to feed it?

And how will you manage after day two, three, four, then five. . .



You might be surprised to hear this fact – most Americans with the financial means to afford an energy backup power, generation and storage, don’t have one. They have no solar, no gas-powered generation, and no ability to last 8 days without the grid. You are probably one of those unprepared people. When the grid stops, so does your ability to carry on.



Our entire California concept of energy security was forged over an unusually peaceful period of 50 years. A long period of time where consistent weather, low grid-energy costs, and relatively new infrastructure gave us energy resiliency that had shaped our energy behavior since we were children.

In the last 20 years however, a new energy reality is taking shape, driven by a new set of parameters. Highly volatile weather, high grid-energy costs, and aging infrastructure.



The most current events including the fires tormenting Napa remind us not only do we share the grid, but we all pay for the grid too. Grid infrastructure repairs and upgrades far from your home can drive your grid-energy costs up too.

It’s time for our energy preparedness to change for both home and business.



Today’s home energy storage systems are as advanced as any commercial system available for business. They can be configured to meet every imaginable need from powering an entire home, to simply providing limited emergency power. Enphase offers one of the most affordable home storage solutions available today.

There are even energy storage batteries that need no solar PV to charge themselves. Tesla offers the versatility to use solar or grid energy. They simply use the late night grid power to stay charged for backup and offsetting expensive grid-energy use at peak energy times of day.



For commercial businesses the case for energy backup has never been clearer. Eight days without power for a business is death, or near to it. Regardless if you are in manufacturing, technology, or healthcare, you must have a backup energy plan for when the grid does go down. Switch Storage Solutions offers some of the best commercial energy storage in the industry and a long term warranty that matches the confidence in this technology.

The beauty of Switch Energy is the entire battery system is delivered in a plug-and-play cabinet. Installations costs are the bare minimum, and the system has already been fully tested prior to being installed.



Don’t wait until after a disaster to start planning for your backup energy supply and storage. We can help you analyze your energy needs on a day-by-day basis and create a backup energy power plan that will keep your home in running order, and your business alive during grid-energy interruptions.

Our solar + energy storage plans can drastically reduce your long-term energy costs and with a return on investment that will surprise you as much as the added security will relax you.